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The New Advances in Gaming Technology

The world of gaming grew simultaneously with advanced computer technology. If you remember playing Dangerous Dave and GTA 1, then you must know that we are way beyond the future in creating the most realistic games we could only dream of a few years ago. We are not stopping yet, as the developers are still not satisfied with how far they have come. They are working towards creating a flawless gaming experience with the technologies given below.

Face recognition

Developers are using 3D scanning and facial recognition technology to create ditto figures of you in the gaming world. You can use it to create a character that looks just like you. Games like Fifa 19 are already using this technology to create realistic figures of real footballers to make the game more entertaining. The Intel RealSense 3D camera technology can also scan the emotions of the user by scanning up to 78 different points on the face.


Voice recognition

Who knew voice recognition AI can also be used for gaming. Now you can give voice commands to your character and even control the functions of your gaming device or PC. You can use voice commands to interact inside a game, connect to social media, search the web, and browse through your games list.

Gesture control

The sensors of a 3D camera can be used to track your hand movements to the most precise gesture control gaming experience. The Intel RealSense is a technology which allows you to play FPS games. You can also interact with your device to perform several actions such as swiping through your gallery, pause and play a video, and more.

Virtual Reality

You must already know about VR by now as in the past few years we have witnessed several VR games played by streamers. Virtual reality offers gamers with a fully immersive experience in gaming. Once we start seeing more and more VR games in the market, it is not hard to predict that the era shown in Matrix is near. VR can actually create a new world for people which gamers would love to explore for sure.

Virtual Reality

Augmented reality

Like VR, Augmented reality is another trending technology that we are looking at. Like VR provides a virtual environment filled with entertainment to gamers, AR brings the fantasy world to the real world. AR manoeuvre spaces in the real world to make the game interact with the real-time environment. Some of the examples of AR are PokemonGo, and many puzzle game maps you can access through your mobile screen.


The progressive web apps also provide a new platform for gamers to play games online without the need of downloading them. They can directly access the links and play on a cloud-based platform without occupying space on their devices. If you miss playing Dangerous Dave, you can actually Google it and play it online today.

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