4 Ways You Can Get Spotify Premium for Free

One of the best music apps used today is called Spotify. It is a music service that offers over 20 million tracks that you can play and download by getting a Spotify Premium plan. But what if you don’t have enough money for it? Don’t worry. You can actually get the Spotify premium for free in a few ways.

Set Up a Free Spotify Account

Go to the Spotify Webpage at https://www.spotify.com/ and then click the “Get Spotify Free” button. Sign up with an email address or Facebook account. Fill in the form for the email while you can input your login details for your Facebook account. You can then click on the login button and get access to your Spotify account.

Join a Spotify Family Plan

Chances are you’ll know someone who has a Spotify family account. Maybe you can ask them to invite you in and let you be one of the six members who can use the free premium service. It doesn’t hurt to ask because there are a few kind samaritans here and there that will help you enjoy your music. Check out this tutorial video if you want to learn more about it:

Create Several Trial Accounts

Use Spotify’s free trial version multiple times through different accounts. You can get the premium for free for 1 whole month for each email address that you sign up for. It can be tiring, but it is one of the easiest methods.

Use an Installer App and Get Spotify++

Source: TuneMobie

For those who have iPhones, and are avid spotify users and are looking to purchase spotify plays for promotional use, check out share supplier. You can enjoy the app for free by installing theSpotify++. You won’t need to Jailbreak your phone and can do this through the following apps: TatuApp, TweakApp, or AppValley. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Uninstall Spotify and open Safari and navigate through either TatuApp’s home page or TweakApp home page, whichever is your preferred choice.
  2. Click the install button and open the program. You’ll then see “Untrusted Enterprise Developer.” Navigate to Settings then General and Device Management for iOS 13/12. But for iOS 11, you need to navigate to Settings then General, Profiles or Profiles and Device Management so that you can trust the app.
  3. After that, you need to open the app and search for Spotify++ to download it.
  4. If you have finished downloading, you can now proceed to enjoy the Spotify premium and all of its features.

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